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With over 30 years of experience, it’s possible for us to quote you for small jobs and straight forward work over the phone.  For other work it’s better if we come out and speak to you, see the location, understand the logistics and lay of the land.  It makes it easier for to communicate what needs to be done.


Completed Projects

Happy to work with you to design your project or build it to your specifications.


Satisfied Costumers

A fantastic tradesman and lovely guy.  Good bricklayers are far and few between, and I would recommend Alan to anyone.       –Jarrod B

New Builds and Retaining Walls in Craigieburn.

Examples of brick letterboxes, garden walls, fencing, etc.

Brick Bar-B-Ques, cooking areas and fireplaces can enhance Outdoor Living

All our projects Crafted with efficiency and care

A professional and reputable Craigieburn company.

When it comes to choosing the right bricklayer in Craigieburn, what you really need is a reliable company that strives for excellence, communication, and who genuinely care. We are insured, and our work is guaranteed.

Alan was fantastic and could not fault him in anyway. He listened to what we required and provided valuable advice to us. He was punctual, friendly and did an amazing Job and would definitely use him again for future works.

Ross B
Mitcham, VIC

Allan was very easy to work with. Punctual and kept us up to date on progress and let us know when there was a small delay due to weather. He delivered a great job and we are very happy with the work. Highly recommended and would hire him again.

Michael C
Blackburn South, VIC

Get a quote from us today for all your brick or block work projects.


Looking for a mailbox built out of brick ? Well we can design one for you. Or build it to your own design.

New Buildings

New homes are also not a problem. We have worked for just about all the major volume builders in our careers, some specialty ones and of course plenty of owner builders.

Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls, new stack stone or even stone walls. Or maybe just some maintenance?

House Extensions

Brickwork for extensions and alterations are also jobs we love to do. Matching mortar colour, finding the best brick to match. Give us a call.

A bricklayer in Craigieburn has many benefits.  The most obvious is that the bricky is close, which means he can stop by to look at the job, offer suggestions before getting started, and give you a better price than those who must spend time and money to travel to get to you.

Different sized jobs have different considerations.  Let’s examine the options.

Smaller brickwork and brick restoration jobs:

  • Mailboxes
  • Fixing cracked bricks
  • Foundation repair
  • Repair loose brick
  • Re-pointing of mortar joints
  • Repairing window sills
  • Patching holes in walls made by plumbers
  • Needing to get to leaky pipes.
  • Air-conditioners replaced.

Pricing for smaller jobs:

It can be more difficult to get a bricklayer out to do the smaller jobs because it’s not as profitable as when they are getting paid ”Per Brick”, commonly known as per thousand rates.

There is usually a minimum charge, say 3 hours, for any job.  This allows the bricklayer to cover his travel and prep time to and from the job. For this reason it can sometimes be more cost effective to have a couple of small jobs that can be done at the same time, or incorporate a small fix or repair when having a larger job done.

Not many workmen will come out for a flat $50.  A good guide for hourly rates would be between $50hr to $65hr, depending on the Brickie and scope of work needed.  Location impacts the pricing too; Sydney & Victoria would be dearer than Queensland. 

Examples of Medium Sized Residential Bricklaying Jobs.

  • Brick Extensions & Alterations, 
  • Landscaping work that requires brick steps
  • Brick Bar-b-ques
  • Outdoor fireplaces & pits
  • Chimney rebuilds
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden edging
  • Stonework
  • Brick paving
  • etc.

These could be quoted by a day rate(8hrs) or by the job.

Caution is to be taken here.  Issues to look for are:

  • Slow workers.
  • High prices itemised and very confusing.
  • Tradesmen that are not be skilled in all work involved.

Larger Jobs

  • Single storey houses requiring brickwork to be done.
  • Double storey houses.
  • Town houses
  • Sets of units
  • Smaller commercial work like schools,Kindergartens, local shops.
  • Underground car parking that needs block work laid.

For this work you will need:

  • A crew
  • Your licences
  • Tickets for specialised work
  • Public liability Insurances
  • Work cover
  • Union cards,
  • Etc.

Tips for Hiring a Bricklayer

When looking for a “brickies near me” in Craigieburn, a cheap quote may not be the best.  Ask for references written and phone numbers to call. A good contractor should provide these naturally.  

An older contractor maybe slower, but he may not need, or be chasing the money, like younger guys are.  They tend to do their trade for a variety of other reasons.

Bricklaying businesses online with reviews?

With the advent of the internet today you can go online and check out most businesses.  Not having a presence would be something that should raise a “Red Flag”.  

While some businesses may have some negative reviews. Reading the replies and digging a little deeper may shed some more light.  For example there are groups online that you can pay to give negative reviews. But that person may not exist anywhere other than that negative review.

Also beware of someone having 100 5-star reviews that leave only 2 word comments.  These might not be real either. Dig a little deeper.

A good bricklaying business review should have a legible comment that reads well.  And is by a real person.